What Cancer Cannot Do

By Debbie Fetter Synopsis What Cancer Cannot Do, by Deb Fetter. The author is a believer in Jesus Christ and a cancer survivor.  She wrote this short booklet to be used as a Gospel tract for the unsaved who have been diagnosed with cancer, as well as a source of encouragement for the believer with cancer. Though cancer is often a fatal […]

The Powerful Influence of the Christian Woman

By Donna Radtke Synopsis The Powerful Influence of the Christian Woman, by Donna Radtke, explains the valuable role that Christian women have in an increasingly unchristian society. Mrs. Radtke was a mother, grandmother, and pastor’s wife. In this booklet she combines Scripture with her life experience to vividly identify the major influences of the world on […]

I’m Saved But Struggling With Sin! Is Victory Available?

By Dennis M. Rokser Synopsis I’m Saved But Struggling With Sin! Is Victory Available? Romans 6-8 Examined, by Dennis Rokser, shows that victory is available when a believer in Christ understands his or her position in Christ and identification with Him and learns to live in yielded dependence upon the Lord in light of this truth […]

Faith & Works

By Dennis M. Rokser Synopsis Faith & Works: A Clarification of James 2:14-26, by Dennis Rokser. Have you ever wondered what James 2 means when it says, “faith without works is dead, being alone”? This booklet clarifies a passage that is confusing for many people, showing from the context and content of James 2 that this passage […]

Salvation in Three Time Zones

By Dennis M. Rokser Synopsis Salvation in Three Time Zones, by Dennis Rokser, examines the three tenses of salvation, or three stages of God’s plan of Salvation in multiple passages of Scripture.  Though repeatedly found in Scriptures, little has been written about and many believers lack a clear understanding of God’s salvation plan: past, present, and future. Booklet Details Author: Dennis M. […]

Never Alone

By Becky Jakubek Synopsis Never Alone: From Abandoned to Adopted in Christ, by Becky Jakubek, is Becky Jakubek’s encouraging story of the grace of God! Left alongside a road in a shoe box as a new born, Becky gives her testimony of how she went from abandoned to adopted in Christ. Booklet Details Author: Becky Jakubek […]

A Tale of Two Thieves

By Shawn Laughlin Synopsis A Tale of Two Thieves: Which Thief Describes You?, by Shawn Laughlin, describes the account of Luke 23:32-43 and the two thieves who were crucified alongside Jesus Christ in an evangelistic way. As stated in the subtitle, readers will be challenged as to “Which Thief Describes You?” Booklet Details Author: Shawn Laughlin […]

Bad News for Good People and Good News for Bad People

By Dennis M. Rokser Synopsis Bad News for Good People and Good News for Bad People: “You Must Be Born Again!” (John 3:1-21), by Dennis Rokser, examines the most definitive passage in the Word of God that addresses the popular phrase: “born again.” Rokser will answer several questions surrounding this phrase: What does it mean to […]

The Need of the Hour

By Dennis M. Rokser Synopsis The Need of the Hour: A Call to the Preaching of the Supremacy and Sufficiency of Jesus Christ, Verse-by-Verse, from a Grace Perspective, by Dennis Rokser, presents a strong case for a return to preaching on the centrality of Jesus Christ with His supremacy and sufficiency, along with the verse-by-verse exposition of […]

10 Principles to Ponder When the Unexpected Happens

By Shawn Laughlin Synopsis 10 Principles to Ponder When the Unexpected Happens: How Are You to Respond?, by Shawn Laughlin, was written to offer hope from a biblical perspective. It is written for those who have trusted Jesus Christ alone as their Savior and consequently have the assurance of eternal life based on the sacrificial work of […]