The Coming Kingdom

God’s theocratic, mediatorial kingdom is a vast, sweeping subject from the first book of the Bible to the last. Understanding this overarching biblical theme of God’s clearly revealed and sovereign plan is essential not only for believers in Christ to make sense of the chaos in our world but also for the church to know […]

The King of the Kingdom of Heaven

The Gospel of Matthew presents the Lord Jesus Christ as the long-prophesied King of God’s promised kingdom. THE KING OF THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN is a verse-by-verse commentary of Matthew’s Gospel, written from a dispensational, premillennial perspective that is essential to correctly understand God’s prophetic kingdom program. This thorough commentary traces the theme of Christ’s […]

Should Christians Fear Outer Darkness?

By Dennis M. Rokser, Thomas L. Stegall, Kurt Witzig Synopsis What will happen to Christians in the future when they meet the Lord Jesus Christ? While true believers in Christ are assured of their deliverance from Hell, will they still face some form of punishment? Will they suffer punitive damages for sins committed on earth […]

A reply to Bob Wilkin’s review of the book Should Christians Fear Outer Darkness?

A reply to Bob Wilkin’s review of the book Should Christians Fear Outer Darkness? (Duluth, MN: Grace Gospel Press, 2015), which appeared in the Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society 28 (Autumn 2015): 86-91. (PDF) I have had many opportunities over the last several years to do missionary work in El Salvador and Nicaragua. Since […]

How to Interpret 1 John: Fresh Insights & Observations to Consider

By Dennis M. Rokser Synopsis The Epistle of 1 John is one of the simplest books of the New Testament, yet it is often one of the most difficult to interpret. HOW TO INTERPRET 1 JOHN provides an easy-to-understand guide to grasping the message of this epistle and accurately interpreting some of its most challenging […]

The Gospel of Grace and Truth: A Theology of Grace from the Gospel of John

By Michael D. Halsey Synopsis The Gospel of John is one of the most widely read and cherished books of the Bible. For those seeking to know and grasp the message and theology of John’s Gospel, THE GOSPEL OF GRACE AND TRUTH provides a thorough and enlightening introduction. Writing with insight, wit, and clarity, author, […]

LifeQuakes: God’s Rescue Plan in Hard Times

By Leah Webber Heling Synopsis Are you tired of worrying, being fearful, lonely, depressed, or discouraged? Do you suffer from anxiety due to difficult people or distressing circumstances? Have you lost your job, your health, or a loved one? LIFEQUAKES will show you how to replace fear with unshakable faith, exterminate the Worry Bug, and […]

Trophies of God’s Grace: Personal Testimonies of God’s Gift of Salvation

From Grace Gospel Press Synopsis Here are 14 real-life stories of individuals from diverse backgrounds with one thing in common-the gift of eternal life in God’s Son, Jesus Christ. The encouraging and engaging stories in TROPHIES OF GOD’S GRACE testify to the riches of God’s grace in bringing forgiveness, salvation, security, purpose, and fulfillment to […]

Job: A Man Tried as Gold

By Theodore H. Epp Synopsis JOB: A MAN TRIED AS GOLD is another rich, biblical character study by the founder of the Back to the Bible ministry, Theodore H. Epp. In this book, Epp chronicles the trials of Job through his sufferings. Suffering is a universal human condition affecting all of us to one degree […]

The Epistle to the Galatians

By C. I. Scofield Synopsis The problem of legalism has plagued the church of Jesus Christ since the first century. The Apostle Paul wrote a forceful letter to the Christians of Galatia in order to combat this error while clarifying the true relationship between law and grace. In THE EPISTLE TO THE GALATIANS, noted Bible teacher […]