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John 3:16 Illustrated

For some, you may have heard this verse explained to you. For others, you are reading about it for the first time. And for others yet, you are already familiar with the good news it contains. Either way, it is our desire that as you read and reflect on this verse it will confirm to you how easy it is to receive the gift of eternal life. God loves you and to prove it He is offering life through His Son to anyone who will take it. It’s both free and available. So read on and enjoy this remarkable story. And when you are finished hopefully you will be confident saying that you know you have eternal life! (16-page PDF) Download

That You May Believe by Tom Stegall

This document is a dissertation on the evangelistic purpose and message of John’s Gospel in relation to Free Grace Theology. It concludes that John’s primary purpose is the evangelism of unbelievers, as John seeks to lead readers to fulfill the single, instantaneous condition of belief in Jesus Christ’s person, work, and promise in order to receive the free gift of eternal life that cannot be lost. This dissertation focuses on the Gospel of John to provide a refutation of both Lordship Salvation and the crossless, promise-only “saving message” as currently taught by many proponents of Free Grace Theology (384-page PDF). Download

The Gospel of the Christ by Tom Stegall 

The Gospel of the Christ is a clear, biblical reply to the question of what a person must believe about Jesus Christ to possess eternal life. While Christianity has historically maintained that faith in Jesus Christ is essential for everlasting life, this raises the vital question: what is the necessary content of this faith? Written against the backdrop of the controversy within Free Grace circles over the “crossless gospel” and the contents of saving faith, Thomas Stegall goes well beyond a carefully documented analysis of his own movement. The Gospel of the Christ provides a systematic, exegetically-based treatment of biblical teaching on the subject of “the gospel” and the meaning of the title, “the Christ.” The end result is a comprehensive biblical and theological study of Jesus Christ’s person and work in the contents of saving faith (815 page PDF). Download


A Reply to Bob Wilkin’s Review of Should Christians Fear Outer Darkness

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